Favorite Retro-Computing/Gaming YouTube Channels

For the last few years I have really gotten into retro-computing. I find it fascinating and it really tickles my nostalgia bone. I have compiled a short list of my favorite YouTube channels, for those that might be interested.

  1. LGR (Lazy Game Reviews)
  2. The 8-Bit Guy
  3. Nostalgia Nerd
  4. 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (Fairly New Channel)
  5. RetroManCave
  6. Retro Recipes
  7. Gaming Historian
  8. Classic Gaming Quarterly
  9. SplashWave
  10. Game Sack
  11. My Life in Gaming
  12. Wrestling with Gaming
  13. The Pixel THING
  14. Metal Jesus (New and Old Gaming)
  15. Technology Connections

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