DJ Moore

How to Install UniFi Controller on Zorin OS

Recently I got a wild hair and decided to install Zorin OS (a derivative of Ubuntu) on an old laptop I had lying around for 10 years. This laptop was previously serving as a Windows 10-based server and acting as my network controller with the UniFi Controller software from Ubiquiti installed. I have used Ubiquiti products on my network for over seven years now and would have it almost no other way.

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What I Learned by Quitting Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In January 2021 I thought I had finally made it. I had been hired by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Cloud Support Engineer II. Even though there had been a few red flags along the way, I told myself this was a pinnacle moment in my career. This company was even sending me a MacBook Pro! Most other companies would send out Windows laptops. Everything felt different about this role. It even felt like I had “made it.”

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Splunk Universal Forwarder Script

Recently, in my new role of Splunk Admin, I took over maintaining our list of installed Universal Forwarders installed on Windows servers. In order to make my job and life a little bit easier, I dove into the world of PowerShell scripting. After many hours I came up with a simple script that would allow me to call a function called “UFCheck”, give it a server name, and the script would do the rest.

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