Comfort Zone

What I Learned by Quitting Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In January 2021 I thought I had finally made it. I had been hired by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Cloud Support Engineer II. Even though there had been a few red flags along the way, I told myself this was a pinnacle moment in my career. This company was even sending me a MacBook Pro! Most other companies would send out Windows laptops. Everything felt different about this role. It even felt like I had “made it.”

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Learning More Through Exercise

In the 1990s studies confirmed what many people had asserted for decades, that our brain had an autopilot mode. To explore this hypothesis, researchers used fMRI brain scans to test this theory. They had some participants play a well-known card game with a full understanding of the rules, while they had other participants play an unfamiliar card game where the researchers did not define the rules. The second group was left to figure out the card game as they played.

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